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Terms & Conditions

General Terms of Sale and Supply

Dear Customer,

Your success with our products and services are the standard we endeavor to achieve. Each day, we attempt to satisfy your wishes and give you first-class service. Our cooperation with you is based on partnership. For this reason, we are particularly keen on mutually familiar terms of business to protect your interests. We should like to take this opportunity to thank you for your confidence.

Sincerely yours Arrow Traders Pty Ltd.

1. General

The following terms of sale and supply will apply to all deliveries and any additional business transactions concerning the products sold. The addition and/or amendment of these terms of sale and supply are subject to the written agreement of Arrow Traders Pty Ltd. Customers’ terms of purchase are only binding for Arrow Traders Pty Ltd when expressly confirmed in writing by the latter.

2. Offer

All offers are subject to change without prior notice unless otherwise agreed. Orders will only be considered accepted if confirmed in writing or if implemented by Arrow Traders Pty Ltd. Declarations or amendments made by the customer after the conclusion of an agreement will only be effective if made in writing and confirmed in writing.

3. Prices

All supplies will be invoiced at the prices agreed. These prices are based on the prices quoted, currency conditions, transport and customs rates or other declarations valid when the agreement is concluded. Arrow Traders Pty Ltd reserves the right to adjust prices in the event of any increases in the cost of these elements.

4. Deliveries/dispatch

Unless otherwise agreed, Arrow Traders Pty Ltd will determine the mode of dispatch and the shipper. If the customer requires a different mode of dispatch which can be complied with, the customer will be responsible for the costs involved. Arrow Traders Pty Ltd reserves the right to make a charge for the storage of customers’ goods ordered but not collected prior to the expiry of two weeks following the agreed date for collection. All goods are shipped for the account at the  risk of the customer even if no charge is made for the cost of shipment. For this reason, Arrow Traders Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible for any delays or damage incurred in the course of shipment. No shipments of goods will be insured by Arrow Traders Pty Ltd unless expressly requested by the customer who will also be responsible for the cost involved. Arrow Traders Pty Ltd is entitled to make part deliveries. Civil unrest, hostilities or war, force majeure, a lack of raw materials, unforeseeable problems in production, strikes, lockouts, delivery problems on the part of outside suppliers, shortage of manpower which limit or prevent the manufacture, supply or transport of goods, release Arrow Traders Pty Ltd from its obligation to supply for the duration of the problem and the scope of its effect without entitling the customer to compensation.

5. Cessation of deliveries

If any customer fails to meet any outstanding financial commitments in spite of having received reminders, Arrow Traders Pty Ltd is entitled to suspend all further deliveries subject to any additional claims.

6. Objections, complaints, return of goods

All goods must be examined by the customer immediately on receipt. Complaints about shipment or visible defects must be noted in the shipping documents at once and can only be considered if made in writing within 5 working days following receipt of the goods. Latent defects must be reported in writing as soon as they are discovered and no later than 1 month after receipt. All goods are considered to have been unconditionally accepted on expiry of the corresponding periods and all claims on the part of customers are void and forfeited. Use of the goods prior to expiry of the corresponding time limit for claims is considered to

represent unconditional acceptance. If any complaint concerning the quality of the goods is upheld, Arrow Traders Pty Ltd may choose either to replace them or take them back; in the case of the latter, remuneration will either be made in part or in full. The goods may only be returned in agreement with Arrow Traders Pty Ltd and with written confirmation by the latter.

7. Utilization

The information given by Arrow Traders Pty Ltd on all products is based on intensive research work and the experience gained in their use. These results are provided as is, to the best of the knowledge of Arrow Traders Pty Ltd and belief and excluding any responsibility which exceeds the scope of each individual contract. Arrow Traders Pty Ltd also reserves the right to alter technical specifications in the course of product development. This does not relieve the user of his obligation to examine the results and recommendations given by Arrow Traders Pty Ltd with regard to his own use.

8. Advice

The advice supplied by Arrow Traders Pty Ltd is not binding and does not relieve the customer of his obligation to test the products for their suitability for the processes and purposes intended.

9. Guarantee

Arrow Traders Pty Ltd guarantees that the goods supplied correspond to the specifications and properties given in writing.

10. Payment

Payment is due at the agreed terms and without any deductions within a period of 30 days. Bills of exchange can only be accepted as payment following express agreement; discounts and other bill of exchange charges will be debited to the customer. If payment is not made within the specified time, Arrow Traders Pty Ltd reserves the right to charge interest on arrears at a rate that is 2 % above the official cash rate rounded up to full percent. If there are any doubts concerning the solvency of the customer, Arrow Traders Pty Ltd reserves the right to demand security or advance payment or to terminate the agreement; the customer may not make any claims for compensation.

11. Retention of title

All goods supplied remain the property of Arrow Traders Pty Ltd until full payment has been made. Any processing of the products supplied to form a new article have no influence on retention of title.

12. Governing law

Australian law shall be applicable.

13. Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction is the legal domicile of Arrow Traders Pty Ltd

Issued: November 2014

Our General Terms of Sale and Supply are also available in German, French and Italian. We will be pleased to send you a copy in the desired


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